Paul Wallach »Down to the Ground« 2018. Photo: Andreas Kolarik

Paul Wallach – Down to the Ground  
Paul Wallach's “fallen star” in Salzburg will remain until 2024

Paul Wallach »Down to the Ground« 2018. Photo: Andreas Kolarik

The artist Paul Wallach’s “fallen star” will continue to radiate across Salzburg’s Krauthügel. The Salzburg Foundation’s application for a 5-year extension of the installation, entitled Down to the Ground, has now been officially granted, thus ensuring the work will remain in place through 2024.

Paul Wallach’s monumental, site-specific sculpture, occupying an area measuring 40 by 45 meters, was installed in March of 2018, as the finale of the Salzburg Foundation’s five-year ‘Krauthügel Art Project’ realized in cooperation with the Bonn based Foundation for Art and Culture and St. Peter’s Archabbey, Salzburg. Since the time of its installation, Down to the Ground has enjoyed great popularity, extending far beyond the confines of Salzburg due to a dedicated webcam focused on Wallach’s star which beams the installation out into the world. A time-lapse video chronicling the fascinating effect of the work throughout all seasons and times of day is also available.


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